Week 8- The Grade 3A Celebration Week

Dear Lovely Families,

This week was the celebration week of grade 3A as so many learning were completed and celebrated in the Grade 3 Showcase today. Children were so excited to prepare themselves for their stories, games, a video and song. We hope you enjoyed their performance!

Some review of the week. In Thematic, students moved forward learning about measuring weight in gram and kilogram. They had explored some tools to weight objects around them in the classroom using kitchen scales and weight balances. They made predictions, estimations, then they measured it to find the real answers.

In literacy, they continued writing their non-fiction stories by following the writing stages. In the publishing stage, they made an introduction page, table of content, author page and also the cover page.

In Math, students came in the morning and worked on their MORNING BREAKFAST. They applied their skip counting and regrouping skills to solve various story problems. In the class, they continued to practice their skip counting of 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 8s, 9s, 10s, and 12s, then moved forward to multiplication facts.

In Bahasa and Cultural Class, students worked on designing their Dream School, giving details, symbols, and colors. They practiced Living in Bali song for their performance and also learned new vocabulary of public places (Tempat-Tempat Umum) such as restoran/restaurant, bandara/airport, kantor polisi/police office, kantor pos/post office, pura/temple, pantai/beach, sekolah/school, taman kota/city park, taman bermain/playground, and toko/shops.

Today, students also celebrated House Sports Day. They had FUN and SWEAT a lot!

Here are some class updates for next week:

  1. Library books, please return library books if students have not already done so!

  2. Wednesday, December 13– Science Fair, 2 pm

  3. Thursday, December 14 – Last Day of Term. Regular Dismissal

  4. Tuesday, January 10 – First Day of New Term

Enjoy some pictures below.

Hope everyone have a good weekend!

Best Regards,

Grade 3A Team

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