Week 9 and 10

Hello families!

Oh dear — what amazing weeks it has been! After the two day Kuningan holiday week, we had two (nearly) full weeks of school with much to celebrate. Year end celebrations and achievements abounded and we were excited to be a part of it all! From Quest presentations to Greenstone talks, grade 3 students were able to witness all the hard work grade 8s and grade 12s have been engaged in since the start of the school year. We were so inspired by them!! Some of us were able to attend grade 12 graduation on Thursday as well — what a beautiful celebration of the class of 2018!

Here are some photos of our class from the past two weeks.

Currently, as we continue through the last week of school (we can still hardly believe it), we are making the most of our days together, reminiscing, supporting, and celebrating. Today we had our last primary assembly of the year (one more full school one on Thursday!), and celebrated with grade 5s moving up ceremony. In class, we close out our big units on Money/Currency, Division, Persuasive Letter Writing, Food Descriptions in Bahasa, and more, yet we continue our learning and explorations in other topics, including fractions, poetry, and more.

Up Ahead:

Wednesday: Grade 3 Class Party on the Green Camp field starting after recess. All students are asked to bring in something that they can barter. The single item should be worth no more than about 20,000 IDR. Students should expect to trade it for something else.

Thursday: Last day of school. Regular arrival time (8:10am). Assembly at 10:30 and dismissal at 11am.

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