Week 9 – Myths, Shadow Puppets and Acro-Yoga

Hello, Grade 5 Parents!

This week has been a very productive one in Grade 5!  We have continued regular activities and increased the intensity of some thematic projects, leading to the end of the cycle.

We worked with Ibu Sarah to build on previous successes and stretch boundaries in acro-yoga.

We worked in our class gardens and made bamboo and coconut planters.

And took part in Teman Teman with a Grade 1 class.

In our literacy-focused thematic, we have worked hard to write myths about how all manner of Bali animals, landmarks and public figures came to be.  Once the myths were planned, they were written as scripts and practised out loud.

After that, the students began construction on their shadow puppets, so that they can perform their myths in the Balinese style of Wayang.

Next week we look forward to seeing their dress rehearsals and final presentations!

We hope you all have a very happy and restful weekend.  We can’t wait for next week’s activities!

Best regards,

The Grade 5 Team


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