Week 9 Term 4 in Grade 2

Dear Grade Two,

We are almost reaching the end of this school year everyone. This week has been a busy week as we had lots of fun things going on. We started with our Gr.1-2 Olympics, Grade 5 footprints, Primary Thematic Showcase, and Middle School Quest. Please check out some of the following photos we shot this week:

Grade 2 Merah went to a traditional market close to Green School to practice their Bahasa in buying fruits and veggies. It was very fun and exciting

Some other Grade 2 Putih class activities

Whist we had those fun activities, we still have our normal Literacy and Numeracy as well as other specialists this week. Next week will be our last last week of this school year. We will be sending some books and works home. If parents want to prepare for an extra  bag for this, it will be awesome.

Reminders: – Full Moon ceremony Monday June 17th at 8.20am in HoS. Please come with ceremonial clothing to school and the change of clothes in their bag

– Mud Pit on Tues at 11am for both grade 2 classes. Bring change of clothes, towel and a bag for wet clothes

– Home readers need to be returned or paid for

– Specialists are still on next week except Friday

– Library books to return if you haven’t done it yet

– Friday assembly at 11am and early dismissal afterwards

Terima kasih,

Gr.2 Team

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