Week 9, The Last Week of the 1st Term in 3B

Dear all the parents and families,

Another week, which is the last week in the first term has been down. This week is a culmination week for some units that we have covered and some of them will be continued in the next term.

We closed our Thematic unit by writing a nice secret message on the paper that was stuck behind the students’ back. Each student had a chance to write a nice note about their friends. The best way to close the term and start the break.  This activity was continued by having both grades together to discuss their reflection on the just finished theme. What did well, what they have enjoyed the most, what was the new learning and what part that they want to keep for the next Thematic unit.

In Literacy, we are planning to continue to finish our fairy tale that we are going to read to the kindergarten after we are coming back from our break.

In Math, the students were learning about Multiplication in different strategies, activities and problems. We have also practiced to apply our Multiplication skill in a short equation. The students learnt to identify what was being asked and what are the steps to solve it.

In Bahasa Indonesia, the students has learnt of how to describe a body part using suffix “ber” which means to have. This unit will be continued next term with a project of making A Family Book.

In Indonesian Studies, the students were learning about Balinese old family story, how they are having a lot of children which relates to their belief that many children means  a lot of fortune. The students were identifying the change of the Balinese life now and then. This lesson will be continued as well in the next term with writing a family story with Balinese setting and Characters as they have learnt about the naming system and natural features in Bali.

We are so please to have all of your children and send them now to you to enjoy their break. They more than deserve a relax and safe break after working hard at school. Have a great, safe and adventurous break to all of you. See you in the next term.


3B Team

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