Week one in 3B

First week is behind us and a new exciting week is ahead of us. While building routines, the students and teachers are getting know each other through games and different activities.

Molten lava game & yoga

Scavenger hunt

Blocks and pentaminos

“Things you don’t want to see in our class” -cremation and painting

Last week we also had our welcome to school ceremony.

We do have a great group of students with as many personalities as there are students.

This current on-going week we will continue getting to know each other and build a grade 3 community where everyone feels welcomed and safe. Games, community building activities, playing and also relaxing a bit. The grade 3 team welcomes you to our class and would like to tell something about ourselves

Zabrina Zangen is a passionate, dedicated and compromised Colombian educator who loves adventure, nature and traveling. She is married to Jose, a sustainable architect, and is mother of 2 boys: Aryan (10) and Tomás (17), both new students at Green School. She studied Environmental Science in McGill University-Canada, lived in Aurovalley Ashram in India for 2 years, co-founded Kalapa Learning Community in Bogotá and is now excited to be part of Green School community. She has been interested and working in Education for about 20 years. She trained herself in experiential, environmental and holistic education. She has worked as a Lead, Science, Yoga, Mindfulness, and Team building teacher. She has been the Pedagogical Coordinator of 2 progressive and holistic schools for ages 4-12. Some of her professional skills and achievements that she hopes to bring to Green School are: co-creating a child-based curriculum; contributing to a safe learning atmosphere where students and staff have the opportunity to fulfill their potential; and facilitating interdisciplinary projects and integral educational processes.

Ibu Yulie was born in North Sumatra, Indonesia. She has been living in Bali for more than 15 years and has been starting her career as a primary teacher since she was graduated from university, then few years later, she joined Green School in 2010. She loves traveling and to be a teacher for the younger children, teaching the language and culture of Indonesia.

Ibu Tri lives in Sibang and she is a Balinese. She has been practicing her teaching skills in some local schools around Sibang and this is her first year to teach third graders in Green School after working here for many years while she was completing her study.

Ibu Wida is a Balinese and she live not to far away from school. She started working at Green School as a classroom assistant and this is her second year. She loves cooking, baking, traveling, and playing with children as well. She is super excited to work with Grade 3 students for this year.

Ibu Desy was born in Bali and she is a Balinese. she started working at Green School in 2018 and this year is her first year in grade 3 classroom as a classroom assistant. She is very organized, loves cooking and playing with children. She is super excited to work with Grade 3 students for this year.

Pak Jukka has been working in Green School since 2014. He was born and raised in Finland, at the Arctic- circle. Jukka likes sports, art and is a huge fan of salty liquorice. Jukka enjoys hands-on activities; learning by doing and likes when students ask him why.


The three team

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