Dear Parents and Families,

It is our pleasure to AGAIN welcoming all of you to Grade 3B classroom. We had such a great and fun first week with some new learning and games/activities.

The first day, we started by having transition “ceremony”  from grade 2 to grade 3 where the students got to write what they want to see in their new classroom that after we use this as a class display as a remainder  for us to work together to achieve all of those. On the other hand, they also wrote about what they want to leave behind as they grow older.  We put them in the box and we carried it to the bridge. To close all of these activities, students get to wave “Good Bye” to the box as the box was floating away by the river.

In English, the students are working on their self portrait with some facts about themselves.

In Math, we are reviewing basic operation in addition and subtraction.

In Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian language and culture class) the students are learning about some school’s words, classroom instruction and decorating Bali Map with some fun facts about the island.

Next week we will start our Thematic unit about Communication. This is a cross curricular subject, where the students will learn about What is Communication, ways of communication and the history of communication in different perspectives, Science, Culture, Art, Music and other subjects.

Math will be all about reviewing addition and subtraction through games and activities.

Making a self photograph is all about English.

Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia, the students are going the learn about a song “Kembali ke Sekolah” or come back to school song. Through this song, the students will learn about new words and cultural aspects of how schools and students in Indonesia. In addition to that, Next week will celebrate   our Independence Day, on 17th August, we will have some discussion on the country’s tradition of how are we celebrating our big day and have a share of how students from different background are celebrating it.  The other celebration that we are going to discuss is SARASWATI DAY which always falls on the last Saturday of the last month of Balinese calendar. This is a day of honoring a Goddess of Knowledge, Art and Science, Dewi Saraswati. We will learn of how to make an offering and how do we celebrate it.


Wednesday, Aug 16th 2017 : All Primary Independence Day Celebration. Please send your child in Red and White, PE shoes, Water bottle and Hat. We will have some games on the field.

Thursday, Aug 17th 2017: NO SCHOOL. Independence  Day.

Happy reading and Happy weekend.

Best regards,

3B team


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