Welcome 3A Families!

Welcome, everyone! We can hardly believe the first week of school is behind us. It has been so beautiful these past three days to see the children coming together as a community, catching up with old friends, meeting new friends, and connecting with teachers. The grade 3A team, Ibu Dora, Ibu Yulie, and Ibu Anya, are overjoyed to have such a spirited, warm, and curious group of young explorers!

We’d love to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you a bit here on our first blog post. As some of you already know, Ibu Dora hails from NYC, and she is thrilled to be joining the Green School community. Experienced in inquiry based learning and teaching for sustainability, she feels especially fortunate to be joining a seasoned team of Green School teachers. Indeed, Ibu Yulie is now in her 8th year at Green School, and says, “I am looking forward to having great experiences with my little buddies in the class.” She has been living in Bali for 15 years and is so excited to be meeting all the new students and families this year. Our dear teaching assistant, Ibu Anya, is also a longtime resident of Bali – she was born and raised on island! In her third year at Green School, Ibu Dora and Ibu Yulie are ever so grateful for her support. Ibu Anya spent the last two years classroom assisting 5th graders, and is looking forward to spending this year with younger learners.

Each week, we hope to bring you a snapshot of what’s ahead, as well as some snippets of what’s taken place in our homeroom class.

Here are some reminders to note for next week, our first full week of school:

  1. Please help make sure your child brings a water bottle and a hat each day to ensure they stay hydrated and safe in the sun.

  2. Children may bring in sunscreen and insect repellant to be kept in their cubbies.

  3. Each child should bring a change of clothing to be kept in the classroom in case of accidental spills, rain showers, etc. This should be a whole outfit — a top, a bottom, and underwear — all held in a sealed bag.

  4. Teachers will keep your child’s cashless cards safe in our classroom. If you need to add credit to them, just let us know. Remind your child what they can buy from the warung and how often.  Our daily menus are on the school blog and can be a helpful resource. If your child takes their card home after school to make purchases at the warung, please help remind them to return it to school the next day.

  5. Our school day begins at 8:15am. Students may come down to our classroom between 8-8:15am. Dismissal is at the Heart of School at 3:15pm at our lunch table.

  6. Feel free to email the teachers anytime: dora.kwong@greenschool.org; yulie@greenschool.org.

  7. Today in class we discussed Story Artifacts. Please help remind your child to bring in an artifact on Monday; this can be a photo, souvenir, rock, shell, etc. that helps them to tell a story.

Weekly Notes

  1. Mondays and Tuesdays are Sports/PE days. Please remind your child to wear closed trainers/sports shoes. An extra change of clothing on these days is optional.

  2. Fridays we have Library class; children will be responsible for borrowing and returning library books.

  3. This Wednesday, August 16th, we will have a special ceremony in honor of Independence Day. All the children need to wear red and white clothing, PE shoes, and of course, bring a hat and water bottle as usual.

  4. Thursday, August 17th: No School – Independence Day

  5. Friday, August 18th: regular school hours

It has been a joyous few days, getting to know each other. Below are some photos to share. We are excited to forge ahead into next week! We hope everyone has a restful weekend as we transition in to our new routines. We are looking forward to the year ahead!

Gr 3A on the school bridge

Bambajam with Pak Duncan

Our first class project, mini letter mosaics; finished product coming soon!


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