Welcome Back!

Welcome (Back) to Green School’s Middle School

Hello Everybody!

Welcome (and welcome back!) to another exciting year in Green School’s middle school.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and the evolution of the program to include more student choice and make space for more project-based learning.

A few notes on supplies:

  1. All students will be expected to have a personal computer. Tablets are good in a limited basis only. They do not work well with our online learning management system. Our IT department can help you get a good, sturdy computer for about $250 US.

  2. Students are expected to have the basics of; pencils and/or pens, erasers, sharpeners, and a calculator.

  3. Journal. We will supply notebooks and special journals for our Jalan Jalan courses, but we encourage students to use a journal that they are most comfortable with, as we will be using them quite a bit. These can be electronic options if they so prefer.

We hope to see you at the orientation on Friday, August 14th where we’ll go over the timetable and give an overview of the program for the year.

Please keep your eye on the this blog for all MS news in the classroom and out.

We look forward to seeing everybody!


MS Team


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