Welcome Back Starlings! First Week of Term 2

Dear Parents and Starlings’ Families,

Welcome Back Starling Darlings! It was wonderful seeing the children again and hearing about their adventures over the break. Term 2 has begun and the children started it by drawing their vacation in their own book and the teachers helped to write the story. They were excited sharing their holiday adventures during Morning Circle as well as on the bridge while we were having our nature walk.

Our new thematic lesson is under the broad theme for Lower School entitled “Gifts From the Earth” and the Starlings are starting to explore about “Magical Creatures”. This week, we focused on mystical beings from the earth, such as giants, elves, dwarves and trolls. The teachers shared stories through books, puppets and props based on the theme, for example, “Three Billy Goats Gruff”, “The Elves and the Shoemaker” and “Jack and the Beanstalk” . To explore more about magical creatures from the earth, the children had a role play of “Three Billy Goats Gruff” on the stage in the Sangkep. First, Ibu Krisna read  a story of the “Three Billy Goat Gruff” and then the children did a role play based on Ibu Russlee’s prompts.  “Trip, trap, trip, trap, bang, bang, bang, bang” was the sound as the goat attempted to cross the bridge. “Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?” roared the troll. It was amazing to see all the children wearing their favourite costumes and performing enthusiastically. We were so lucky because right after our performance, some students from Middle School came to the Sangkep to practice their skateboarding tricks. We were grateful to have a chance to be in the audience after being the stars on the stage. The Starlings were thrilled to watch the older children skating and jumping around. Next week we plan to explore magical creatures from the air.

Another exciting day is approaching……we are counting down the days until Halloween! We started making Halloween crafts to decorate our classroom which helps us get in the festive mood. We made bats from toilet paper rolls and black paper, skeletons from cotton buds, witches, pumpkin art, spiders by tracing our hands, and a spider web in the middle of the classroom wrapped around the bamboo poles. We also visited Kembali after P.W. Class to find some more materials for making our costumes and other projects. All of these crafts are a great way to strengthen our fine motor skills. We also had a lot of fun playing Hide and Seek inside our classroom. Each student had a turn to be the counter and practised counting as high as they could.

In Cooking Class, we made vegetable spring rolls, “Lumpia”. Ibu Komang helped us by boiling the carrots, sprouts and vermicelli. The children mixed all of the vegetables together, such as leek, celery, carrot, sprouts and vermicelli. Then, they added some seasonings like garlic powder and pepper to make it more yummy. After that, the children wrapped all of the vegetables into spring roll paper. They rolled it and folded it into a tube. Finally, Ibu Komang fried it with hot coconut oil. So crunchy and delicious!

On Wednesday and Thursday, we had P.W. Class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu. The children played a game called “Caterpillar” in which they stood up in a line and put their body inside the hula hoop. One child had a turn being the head and the rest were the body and they needed to hold the hula hoop to make it balance. The challenge was that the children should walk together like an itchy caterpillar without dropping the hula hoops. Pak Garrett also used the lines in the Gym for our exercises. The children walked on the line and followed the line. They could change the line colour by finding an intersecting line but not traveling across it. We tried some various types of walks, such as backwards, speed walking and running in a line. On Thursday, the Starlings attempted three different types of stations. In the first station, the children crawled, jumped in big hula hoops, hopped with one leg through the tires and walked in zigzags. For the next two stations, the students jumped with their own style in the sports ladder, kangaroo hopped, froggy jumped and hopped with one leg and switched to two legs while they learned to count in this repeating pattern “1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2”.

In Green Studies Class with Pak Brett, the children planted chili peppers and broccoli in the Early Years Garden which is located upstairs in front of the other Kindy Classroom. They watered a lot of plants in the garden, such as corn, broccoli, chili, sunflowers, spinach, eggplants and pumpkins. The children also removed some of the grassy weeds in the garden area so that the plants will grow well.

The children made an “Elf Hat” using felt, feathers and markers. The Starlings immediately put them on and started acting out dramatic stories, especially involving Santa. It was a great way to encourage dialogue and build communication skills.

Next Wednesday, October 31, is our school-wide celebration of Halloween. Early Years will have a special Trick-Or-Treat activity from 9:00 am – 10:00 am. We are looking for parent volunteers for this even so please contact Ibu Russlee if you are available to pass out a treat or create an activity. This year’s theme is water and any type of ocean creatures is encouraged. Children are welcome to wear the costume of their choice of course. Thank you for your attention and support. We hope you had a fabulous weekend and look forward to seeing you soon. School will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, November 19 and 20 in observance of a national holiday and a PD Day for teachers.

Best Wishes,

The Starlings Team

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