Welcome Back Starlings! Term 3 Week 1

Dear Parents,

After a wonderful and rejuvenating holiday, we are so happy to come back to Green School with your children. It is very nice to have new Starling friends in our class. Welcome friends! Our new friends are adapting into our class and playing with others. It is so great to be together!

The Starlings have had lots of fun this week. We started the third term with a new thematic umbrella entitled “Gaia – Diversity and Connections”. The children started to learn more about weather with this week focusing on the sun. We didn’t have much sunny weather this week but we did experience a wide range of conditions, such as windy, cloudy and rainy. Can you think about what games are fun to play on a sunny day? Flying kites! We made our own kites and worked on developing our fine motor skills through folding, cutting, gluing and drawing.

During a Nature Walk, the Starlings went around the campus to show more of Green School to our new friends. We visited the magical crystal and looked closely to see what was inside the crystal. Next, the students went to the IHub, where we can work on projects and see a lot of specialized equipment, as well as KemBali, which is the place where students can get recycled materials for projects. The Starlings still wanted to explore other parts of Green School but our bellies were hungry and we had to go back to class for a snack. We will continue our adventures next week.

To start the beginning of the week, the Starlings made something simple, delicious and healthy in Cooking Class. We made a fresh fruit salad. Dragon fruits, apples, melons, grapes and mangoes were carefully chopped into small pieces. The Starlings mixed all of the fruit into a big bowl, added some yogurt and then enjoyed the snack. Yummy!

In Bahasa Class, the Starlings learned about “Makanan” which means food. The children shared their favorite foods by saying, “Saya suka makan…” which means I like to eat…. We also sang “Makan apa?” song. Other new Bahasa words were introduced, such as “beras” and “nasi”. Both of those words mean rice, specifically beras is uncooked rice and nasi is cooked rice. The Starlings explained what they like to eat with nasi by drawing on paper.

Did you exercise during the holiday? This week we were back stretching and strengthening our muscles in Yoga and P.W. Class. Ibu Cherry, our Yoga Teacher, started the class by asking all of the Starlings to pass the ball using their feet, elbows and hands. Which one do you think was the easiest and the hardest way to pass the ball? The Starlings also did Sun Salutation movements and some challenging poses, such as bow, butterfly, plank, slide, shoulder stand and bridge.

The Starlings had P.W. Class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu on the soccer field since the Gym is still under construction. Pak Garrett showed the Starlings the instructions by using hand signals. Raising up one hand means come in or come over in front of Pak Garrett. Holding up 2 fingers means peace so all of the Starlings need to be quiet and show the peace sign. Showing 3 fingers which look like the letter “W” means water break.

The Starlings walked, ran, jumped and crawled a lot. The children moved happily when the music was on and froze when the music stopped. We really loved to play tag games. The students could not stop laughing and smiling. It will be great to pack a hat, especially since our P.W. Class is on the field until the Gym is finished.

In Green Studies, Pak Brett and Ibu Dessy, our new Green Studies and Music intern, asked the Starlings to imagine if they had a garden, what would they want their garden to look like. The Starlings shared their ideas about their dream garden, such as they wanted to plant flowers, corn, beans, garlic or onions. Another student said that she wanted to have a dog in her dream garden. Next, the Starlings walked around Green School to find gardens.

At the end of the week, the Starlings had special guests visit the classroom. They were our neighbors from Kindy. The Kindy students sent us an invitation yesterday to let us know that they will come to our class to explain about a recycling project. The next day, Kindy came and brought two new bins for our classroom. They are labeled “Trash” with a green color and “Kembali” with a red color.  Then, some friends from Kindy performed a show about trash, what we should do with the trash and where we need to put the trash. Put the trash that you might use again or something that can be recycled into Kembali bin, such as tin cans, plastic, paper, styrofoam and toothbrushes. On the other hand, the trash bin is for rubbish that we cannot recycle. They also taught us about compost bins. The Starlings are so glad and happy to have new bins. We are ready to start sorting our trash more efficiently. Thank you Kindy!

Not only Kindy was our guest this week. Can you guess who else was our guests? They were geckos and a chameleon! Yes, on Friday, the Starlings saw 2 Geckos, a scorpion and a chameleon. Wow, lucky us!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Best regards,

The Starlings Team

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