Welcome Back! Term 4 Begins

Hello beautiful families!

We are overjoyed to be back on the Green School campus, with our Green School family! We have had a lovely two days so far of reconnecting with the children, hearing of their adventures over the break, and getting back into our learning routines. What was your favorite part of the break? What are you grateful for? How can we give thanks to people who made it responsible?

Before we get into this week, here are some photos from the wonderful celebrations that took place our during last week of term in March. Ogoh Ogoh parade, full grade literacy share out, preparing our rice field for the break, and more.

Now, onto this week!

In Mathematics yesterday and today, students spent time in groups rotating through different stations to review multiplication facts, draw pictures to represent thinking, and create division stories. We will continue with our division work for the next two weeks and move into fractions.

In Thematics, we were excited to see the progress of our rice field! The seedlings have strengthened and we took time to clear out the field so they can continue to develop strong roots. We also reviewed the life cycle of rice and discussed next steps!

Through sharing our stories of our favorite parts of the holiday, we were able to visualize our writing piece of the week in Literacy class. How can we use descriptive language to paint a clear picture for our readers?

How many? How much? Bahasa class was full of questioning as students practiced how to use and answer these phrases. Students made connections to their previous learning about human body parts and used it to build a question and then answer the question. Berapa kaki yang kamu lihat?/ How many feet/legs do you see? Saya melihat dua kaki/I see two legs.

Green Studies, Science, Art, Drama, Community Time — oh how the day flies by for us here at Green School!

We look forward to seeing you at Assembly on Friday afternoon, and don’t forget about the Farmer’s Market.

Here are some reminders for next week:

Full Week of School — please be sure to use the updated calendar (sent out a few months ago by the school)

Monday/Tuesday – Sport and PE, respectively. Remind your child to bring trainers, hat, and of course, their water bottle!

Home Learning — as a reminder, children are expected to complete their Home Learning and use the plan as a guide. Many children have asked for hard copies for easy reference so we will send that home with students on Friday. We do emphasize continued multiplication fact practice on a daily basis for full automaticity and confidence, so a few minutes of fact focus a day is encouraged!

Thanks and see you soon!

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