Welcome Back to Term 4 & Leadership Upgrades

Dear Community,

I hope that you all had an inspiring, restful and learning-filled break. Nyepi and the following days have given the administrative (for lack of a better term 🙂 team time to reflect, consolidate, organise and celebrate.

For many months, we have been working with our very supportive Board of Management and Trustee to uncover the best of learning programme leadership structure to move us forward and provide more support and guidance in each of our four Learning Neighbourhoods: Early Years, Primary School, Middle School and High School.

We are pleased to announce that starting in term 4 (April 10th – June 15) and beyond into next year, we will have a new lead position in the Primary, Middle and High School Learning Neighborhoods. We have conducted a rigorous internal hiring process to place excellent faculty members in these dedicated deputy positions by department. Going forward, the following individuals will fill these roles:

Deputy of Primary School Learning Neighborhood: Nicki Lorenzini Deputy of Middle School Learning Neighborhood: Sal Gordon Deputy of High School Learning Neighborhood: Josh Wise I will remain in the Head of Learning (Principal) position, but I will be delegating some significant responsibilities from that role to Pak Glenn, who will now be the Vice Head of Learning (Vice Principal).

Glenn will remain as the Head of the Middle and High School, assisted significantly by the new Deputies. I will remain as the Head of the Early Years and Primary School Learning Neighborhoods, assisted by the Head of the Early Years Learning Programme (Ibu Suci) and the Deputy of Primary School.

This new team structure will deliver enhanced management capabilities, will provide more support for student and teacher development, will better distribute workload, will integrate strategic objectives into leadership roles and will create succession pathways.

Further, we will have two Curriculum Coordinators:

Ibu Emily Ferguson – Middle and High School Curriculum Coordinators & Ibu Rachael Rostron – Early Years and Primary School Curriculum Coordinator

Whilst the search for a permanent Early Years and Primary School Head (equal to the Vice Principal role alongside Pak Glenn) continues, this is a proactive restructuring that will give me more time for the Early Years and Primary School Learning Neighborhood Head role and for developing the whole school vision.

The transition into the Deputy roles for Ibu Nicki, Pak Sal, and Pak Josh in term 4 will necessarily have to be slow as each individual currently holds a critical position in the school that we will replace through our current and ongoing recruitment and hiring process. Thus for their departments, the full scope of the deputy job description will not commence until next year. In term 4, in addition to their current positions, these individuals will focus primarily on hiring for their departments, wellbeing programming, the student admissions process, and the facilitation of programme and curricular improvements for next year.

We are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of the children on April 10th. We have a very busy and fun-filled term 4 ahead. And the fun has already started. During the break, our amazing Kul Kul Connection and Local Scholar’s Programme team put on a professional, well-prepared, and hilarious performance for the annual Art & Cultural Festival organised by the Bali Government called Bali Mandara Nawanatya. We were the only International school in Bali to be invited. Here are some fun photos of the evening.

Safe and happy travels,

Ibu Leslie Medema Head of Learning


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