Welcome Green Village Lifestyle – unique real estate offerings in Bali

We’d like to introduce you to Green Village Lifestyle –  a unique nature-centered community that envisions a sustainable future, a way to express our love for nature and an opportunity to pursue working​ and living​ in harmony. Green Village Lifestyle’s real estate offerings c​an be found at www.greenvillagelifestyle.com,

where you can browse​ the magical Green Village homes for a wide array of housing opportunities including buying homes or arranging visits for your loved ones.  And ​for all off you currently in Bali,  while you’re at our beautiful Green School, you can also visit the team at Green Village Lifestyle – just across the road and meet Tania Hindmarsh​.   She is a Green School parent as well and she will guide you through housing opportunities in Bali, including buying and renting. We are thrilled to help spread the love for our planet by growing our green community.

Here’s a little teaser  into living the Green Village Lifestyle.

You can also follow Green Village Lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram

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