Welcome New Families to Green School High School!

Dear new and returning High School students and families,

We are delighted to welcome you to Green School High School and are eager to get to know you. It was great to talk together about the unique way that the high school works here. It can be a bit overwhelming at first as there are so many opportunities! This means you can explore your passions and develop in areas where you may not feel as confident.

Here is a brief overview of the orientation week schedule. Teachers will go over the schedule in more detail on Tuesday.

  1. Tuesday – High School Students meet in the GYM for all high school greeting 8:15am – Get to know the high school, each other, and policies and procedures

  2. Wednesday – Cultural Appreciation Day (Wear Red and White) – Blessing – 11am (bring ceremonial dress) – Indonesian Independence Day Activities hosted by the High School students – MERDEKA!

  3. Thursday – Mentor Groups, Finalize Course Selection, Goal Setting

  4. Friday – Receive 1st block schedules, Mentor Group Challenge – ALL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY  2:30pm

Your High School Team & Specialists,

Leslie (Head of HS), Emily (Media Studies and Social Sciences), Zach (English and Philosophy), Shawn (Humanities and Drama), Kyle (Maths), Noan (Environmental Studies), Aaron (Enterprise Studies), Jade (Science), Puri (Science), Berlyn (Bahasa Indonesia), Jen (Visual Arts), Dan (Maths and Science), Johnny (Music), Baptiste (Math), Colin (PE), Francis (ELL and languages)


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