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Hello 5B parents and friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are getting settled into Bali life or back into Bali life. We had a wonderful start to our term last week. The students got to know their surroundings, each other, their teachers and got into our weekly schedule. In Thematics this term our theme is all about identities- who we are, our place in this world and what factors contribute to us as unique individuals. This falls nicely into the bigger picture of communities- our 5B community at Green School in particular. In Literacy we started a wonderful novel about a girl, her courage, self discovery and strength in The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. In Maths, we will begin by seeing where we all are in Maths and doing a bit of review before we dive into our concepts. Ibu Dina will lead us through Indonesian culture and Bahasa learning about this beautiful country and island of Bali we now call home. Bahasa will look a little different this year as we collaborate and integrate with 5A. We will be working in groups based on our language levels and get the opportunity to really immerse ourselves in the language. We are thrilled for this term. Please keep up with our weekly blogs for more information on what’s going on!

REMINDERS: Monday August 14th– First day of BSSA soccer practice for GIRLS 9-10 after school 3:30-4:40. There are a lot of keen girls in class who would like to participate. They were given all information this morning and also information in the newsletter went out to parents. Tuesday August 15th– BOYS 9-10 practice after school 3:30-4:40. Wednesday August 16th– Indonesian Independence Day actives in the morning for students. Please make sure students come wearing WHITE or RED. Thursday August 16th– NO SCHOOL MERDEKA HOLIDAY

Thanks for reading!

Grade 5B Team

Getting to know each other- circle in circle out

Such a lovely group of dedicated students. D.E.A.R time.

team building


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