Welcome to Grade 1A !

Welcome Parents and family members to Grade 1A,

We hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Welcome to Grade 1A at Green School! We are extremely excited to begin our 2017-2018 school year together. Ibu Amanda is the International Class Teacher teamed with Ibu Susan and Ibu Sukma as the Indonesian Teacher Assistants. Below is some of the information you will need:

Communication: Teachers’ Emails: Ibu Amanda – amanda.crosby@greenschool.org

Ibu Susan – ketut.susantiani@greenschool.org

Ibu Sukma – luhde.sukmawati@greenschool.org

We work as a team to plan, support and facilitate all learning activities. Please be sure that correspondence regarding your child is sent to all teachers.

Absences and Late Arrivals: If your child will be arriving late at school or will be absent, please send and email to our school Secretary Ibu Novi (novi@greenschool.org) to inform us in case we need to give you more information about our schedule or whereabouts and for attendance purposes.

We will share important information via email and class updates via the Green School classroom blog: http://blog.greenschool.org/ ‘Subscribe to Grade 1A’ to receive all updates!

School Hours: – Parents are welcomed to drop their children off at the classroom entrance beginning at 8:00am with our school day begining promptly at 8:15am. In order to assert independence in our students from the very beginning, we encourage that after quick goodbyes are said, parents make their way to the Warung area near the school entrance.

– Our school day concludes at 3:15pm. Please promptly pick up your child in the Heart of School at the Grade 1 lunch table. Grade 1A Class Timetable: – We are waiting for our finalized Grade 1A Timeetable to be released. Once it has been, we will send you a copy as well. Thank you for your patience.

– Physical Education will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child packs socks, running shoes, a hat, shorts and a t-shirt on these days. These are necessary for participation.

– We will visit the Library every Monday and students will be able to take out a book of their choice. Please help your child to pack their library book in their bag on Sunday night. They must return the previously borrowed book in order to borrow a new one. If you think your child has lost their book, please email the school Librarian Ibu Ayu Rosita at ayu.rosita@greenschool.org in order to arrange payment of the lost or misplaced book.

– All Primary classes will participate in monthly Full Moon Ceremonies at school. Informative emails/blog posts will be sent beforehand. Please ensure your child has traditional Balinese ceremony clotings for these days.

What to Bring Everyday: – Hydration is extremely important, so please try to always send your child to school with a reusable water bottle.

– Sun safety is also key, so please always remember a hat! Children will need a hat to be able to play outside and take part in PE and Sport classes. If you would prefer to leave this at school so that it is always here that would be great.

– It would be great if there could always be a change of clothes in your child’s bag as you never know when it will be needed.

– We are about to enter rainy season, so you may wish your child to have a rain jacket they can use.

– Healthy snacks and lunch. You can either bring a snack and lunch from home or you can buy it from the school. Please ensure your child has enough money on their cashless card to purchase the snack and lunch. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure cards are consistently topped-up. Please speak with the ladies at the front Welcome Desk about plan options and to top up cashless cards. There is a cooler in our classroom to store food and drinks.

Announcements: – Friday Assemblies will take place at 2:30pm in the Sangkep. All parents and families are welcome. Students will be dismissed from the Sangkep. We encourage all students to remain with their class for the duration of the assembly. The same pick up rules apply in that students must first tell one of their teachers that they have spotted their parents. Once the teacher and parent have made contact, the student may be released to their parent and the duty of care has been passed. All students not picked up from the Sangkep will return to the Grade 1 lunch table in the Heart of school and are to be picked up promptly at 3:15pm. Thank you for your understanding.

We are looking forward to a great school year together!


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