Welcome to Grade 1B

Dear Families,

Welcome to Grade 1B!  We are looking forward to a great year of learning and fun!  The Grade 1B team this year is Ibu Pera and Pak Thabo along with our fantastic classroom assistant Ibu Ayu.

Ibu Pera is from Denpasar and has been at Green School for 8 years.  She is really excited about teaching in Grade 1 again this year and can’t wait to continue making connections with our community through the fabulous Kul Kul Connection team.

Pak Thabo is from Australia and is excited about joining the Green School team after 5 years teaching in Cambodia.  Thabo comes to Green School with his wife, Ibu Jo, who will be teaching in Kindergarden and their two children who will also be at the school.

Ibu Ayu is from Ubud and has been at Green School for 3 years.   

Important Information

  1. Hydration is extremely important, so please try to always send your child to school with a reusable water bottle.

  2. Sun safety is also key, so please always remember a hat!  Children will need a hat to be able to play outside and take part in PE and sport.  If you would prefer to leave this in school so that it is always here that would be great.

  3. It would be great if there could always be a change of clothes in your child’s bag as you never know when it will be needed.

  4. We are about to enter rainy season, so you may wish your child to have a rain jacket they can use.

  5. Our class will have Sport on Tuesday and PE on Thursday.  Please make sure your child has trainers and suitable clothes on those days.  Wearing PE kit to school is a great idea.

  6. Our class will have library on Fridays and the children will be able to borrow books to bring home.  The children are responsible for taking care of these books, so you may wish to give them a small book bag or packet to keep them safe.


For questions or communication, we’d love to see you and chat.  Please feel free to arrange a time to come and see Pak Thabo or Ibu Pera.  Otherwise please email us at thabo.metcalfe@greenschool.org or perawati@greenschool.org to get in touch.  To let us know about absences or late arrival to school, please get in touch with our school secretary Ibu Novi at novi@greenschool.org or at 08113809298.

If you have any special information you need to pass on about your child, particularly regarding allergies or other medical conditions please arrange use the contact details above to arrange a time to come and let us know.

Thanks very much and lets have a great year together!

Kind Regards,

Pak Thabo, Ibu Pera and Ibu Ayu

The Grade 1B Team.

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