Welcome to Grade 3!

What a busy but thoroughly enjoyable week we have had in Grade 3. It has been a special time for us to connect and start to strengthen our wonderful community. The Green School Mepinton ceremony was dedicated to welcome everyone within our community spiritually. This ceremony is our way to ask permission to use our space for learning, as well as to introduce the world of God and the underworld within our Campus, Green School Bali.

This week we have been writing letters to our future selves. We will place them into a time capsule to be opened at the end of the school year. Our goal is to capture our current feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams for the year and how we plan to achieve them.

We introduced simple sentences in Bahasa in order to introduce ourselves e.g nama saya….my name is….saya dari….I am from…saya tinggal di….I live in….saya suka (hobby)….I like. We also played many active vocabulary games including hot chair, four corners and domikado number game! 

We’ve started working with the Primary Chromebook laptop computers this week. We focused on safely transporting, logging in, and problem solving basics (Web browser return button, delete/backspace). We also used keywords to search for and access a website, Incredibox. Students choose from a variety of effects, beats, melodies, chorus, and voices to create their own compositions. Ask them to teach you how to access it using keywords on Google Search and create some music together (incredibox.com)!

As we continue to learn more about each other, please consider sharing more about your child, as well as YOUR areas of expertise, ways in which you might help our students wonder and discover. Click the link to continue building our community! 

Important Days & Items to Remember:

Monday = Physical Wellness 

  1. In order to participate, please ensure that your child has a hat, closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, a water bottle.

Wednesday = Library

  1. Please gently remind your child to return their books on this day in order to check out new books.

Thursday = Green Studies

  1. Please ensure that your child has a hat, water bottle, bug spray.

Friday = Swimming (starting 23/08/19).

  1. Please ensure that your child has a swimsuit, a towel, a bag for wet items, sunscreen, a water bottle.

Pak Michael, Ibu Emily, Ibu Neni, Ibu Tri, Ibu Desy, Ibu Payas

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