Welcome to Grade 4

Dear all parents and families,

Welcome back to a new inspiring year of 2018 -2019. We had an eventful week with some activities for the students to get to know each other and the campus around. The first week of having a new system, The Launch, letting the students to have so many chances to meet all of the new member of grade 4 and giving them a wide range of personality to work  collaboratively.

We had started our week by sharing our personal information, getting to know the school, practicing some bahasa Indonesia, Balinese Earthquake story and some games.

This week, we are going to start a new theme called “Who am I”. The theme will be integrated to some multi discipline, like Art, Literacy, Cultural and Numeracy. The students will explore themselves in some learning activities related to their personal identity.

In Math, the students are going to review their knowledge about estimation in width, length and weight.

In Literacy, the students are going to do some reading comprehension.

In Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Culture, we are going to divide the class into two groups to review class/ school words and expression and the other group will do Indonesian Studies. The group will rotate regularly.

Upcoming event:

Indonesian Independent games on August 16 from 1:15 till home time. There will be no classes after lunch on that day.

NO SCHOOL on Friday the 17th : Indonesia Independent Day

Happy reading and have a great week ahead.

Best regards,

Grade 4

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