Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Parents, Care-givers and Children,

Welcome from the Kindergarten team: Ibu Pipit, Ibu Pandan, Ibu Ria, Ibu Silvi and Ibu Jo. We are very excited to be teaching Kindergarten and are looking forward to working with your children and you!

Ibu Pipit is from Jakarta, Java. This is her 12th year at Green School and she is our fountain of all Green School Knowledge.  She is a fantastic cook and enjoys using the ingredients that grow round us and she has a passion for chilli! Ibu Jo is British this is her 3rd year at Green School teaching in Kindergarten.  She is our loudest team member and always up for story-telling, muddy play and fun. Ibu Ria is from Bali and is starting her 8th year at Green School, She is whizz with face painting, puppet play and creative exploration. Our newest member of the Kindergarten Teaching Team is Ibu Silvi. Ibu Silvi comes from Semarang, Java and is a mover and shaker. Not only does she dance and play ultimate frissbee but also takes part in a community beach clean up project each weekend. Bali is Ibu Pandan’s home island and this is her 3rd year at Green School.  She keeps us all organised and is a woman with amazing love for all the children in our Kindy family. Ibu Pegi is the final member of Team Kindy. She is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her second child and will be rejoining us shortly and we can’t wait to have her back! 

Before  our very first day of school, we just wanted to send out a blog post of welcome and introduction. We find this age to be a truly special one, where children are incredibly open and engaged to play, discover and learn. We are looking forward to meeting everyone and we can’t wait to have fun and learn together!

There are a few things that we would love it for each child in Kindergarten to bring in to build our classroom and so we all have a fantastic day.

  1. Keeping hydrated is so important so please bring a water bottle 

  2. Please send your child with a healthy snack each day.

  3. Bring in a small, soft toy to cuddle during quiet time in the afternoons.

  4. A change of clothes so nobody stays wet for long.

  5. A toothbrush, toothpaste and a non-breakable beaker or cup. In Kindergarten we are learning to take care of ourselves and clean teeth are part of this.

  6. For Personal Well-being (PW) everyone will need sports shoes/trainers and their hat.

  7. Hats are a must to protect everyone from the Bali sun. If you would like us to re-apply sunscreen and/or insect repellent during the day please bring some in and let us know.

  8. Rainy season is almost upon us so please bring in a rain jacket or an umbrella to help us keep dry as we explore.

School starts at 8.15 and we ask that you don’t drop off your children before this as we use the time to get ready for the day. Pick up is at 3.00. Please let us know who is authorised to pick up your child. Siblings who are grade 5 or higher are allowed to pick up their little brothers and sisters if you have let us know that this is going to happen in advance. Pick up every other Friday, starting this week, is after assembly in the gym.  Please check out the Early Years Handbook for extra details and of course ask us if you have questions too.

For communication, please feel free to write to us all collectively using the email address kindergarten@greenschool.org. All four teachers will receive your messages using this address and it is our preferred means of contact. If you do need to contact one of us individually however, here is how to reach us: ria.safitri@greenschool.org pipit@greenschool.org silviana.handayani@greenschool.org  jo.metcalfe@greenschool.org . Our priority during school hours is in giving your children our full attention so we will reply to messages as soon as possible outside of teaching time Monday to Fridays.  For any contact about absences or late arrival, you can email Ibu Darwi, our school secretary, at sri.darwiati@greenschool.org or 0811 3809 298 as well as letting us know.

One last thing, in Kindergarten we love to make things so if you have any old newspapers or magazines, jars, tubes, boxes and packets you have finished with, please bring them in for us to recycle in junk modelling projects.  Especially boxes – all sizes welcome – we love boxes!   Thanks very much!

Welcome to Kindy!

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