Welcome to Middle School – Green School Style!

Dear MS Community

It is with much excitement that I welcome you to the academic year of 2017-18. As a team, we are positive that this year will be enriching, challenging (that’s a good thing), fun and meaningful.

We have four new members of our MS team:

– Ibu Tali (Literacy, Thematics)

– Ibu Synta (Maths, Bahasa)

– Ibu Stephanie (Thematics)

– Ibu Esther (Literacy, Thematics)

In addition, Ibu Merli will be joining us a teacher (Science).

We have some changes to the MS program that I know will add value. Among these changes:

– Science added to our proficiency lessons.

– Different times/structure for our Mindfulness and DEAR (Reading) program.

– Introduction of Teman-Teman (Mentoring program),

– A different approach to our Jalan-Jalan program that will enable all students to experience a variety of Community/Service, Outdoor/Sports, and Entrepreneur project-based activities).

Here are some other important items/reminders for everyone to consider:

– all MS students need to bring a laptop, pens/pencils, hat and water-bottle to school.

– MS student attendance will be taken at the front-gate between 8:00 – 8:15am

– Classes start at 8:15am everyday (all students will have a copy of their personal daily lesson schedule).

– Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones during the school day unless they ask a teacher and are given permission; phones will be taken off students for the day if they are on their phones without permission.

– All MS students are to eat lunch in the HOS; students can purchase lunch from the in-school warungs, but must eat with the whole-school community in the HOS.

Our year will start with three days of Orientation – this will involve setting our class-groups (for Maths/Literacy, Experiential classes), team-building and getting-to-know you activities, and organising the program (from a student-perspective) so that everyone feels comfortable before we start the MS classes for Monday 14th August.

We know that this year is going to be beyond awesome. Our teaching team is experienced, professional, caring and creative. We have developed a truly magical learning program for all students to connect with themselves, their peers and mentors, their learning, and the amazing world we live in. William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” (yes – way back in the 20th century … still so relevant today) – and we believe our MS program will ‘light that fire’ of life-long learning.

The New Family Orientation Day is Tuesday 8th of August – during that day we will hold an ‘Introduction to MS Program’ session at 11:15 – 11:45am; we look forward to meeting our newest members of the MS community. Then, on Wednesday 9th of August, we will have everyone together for our first day of school.

On behalf of the whole MS team, welcome to 2017-18 – I’m sure that together, as a community of learners making our world more sustainable, we will have the most amazing year EVER!

Kind regards

Pak Sal

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