Welcome to Pre-K Starlings 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome and welcome back to all of the Starling’s families. We hope that you have enjoyed a restful and relaxing summer! We are extremely excited to begin our 2019-2020 school year together. Thank you for the new family members who are joining us for the first week of school. It has been great to meet all of the wonderful families that are a part of our class this year. In these first two days of school, the children have been working on adapting into a new environment and forming relationships with other children and adults in the Early Years Learning Neighborhood. Here are some pictures of the children playing outside :

This week, we are going to start a new theme called “We are One”. We started the lesson by exploring both of the Starling’s classrooms and getting to know each other as well as the community. We started the day by introducing  the teachers’ names and the childrens’ names through songs and some fun games.

We explored the Early Years garden which is located in front of Starling Merah class. The children enjoyed watering the plants in the garden and were curious about the scented plants, such as lemongrass and leek. It was amazing to see the children interested in and  connecting with nature. We also began to learn about the Starling’s class rules, like walking feet inside the classroom, clean up, sharing the toys, taking turns and gentle hands.

Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris, our new music teachers, came and visited us on Friday morning. They introduced themselves and started getting to know the children by singing a name song with them and playing musical games.

This blog will be used to provide you with an exciting glimpse into our Starling weekly life. Email is the preferred method of communication, so please check email daily for important information and updates from our classroom.

Please feel free to write to us:

1. Ibu Lorraine : lorraine.eldred@greenschool.org

2. Ibu Devi : devi.sholehah@greenschool.org

3. Ibu Kiki : kiki.lioni@greenschool.org

4. Ibu Susan : ketut.susantiani@greenschool.org

5. Ibu Krisna : krisna.diani@greenschool.org

5. starlings@greenschool.org (all of us, including Ibu Russlee)

Our priority during school hours is in giving your children our full attention so we will reply to messages as soon as possible outside of teaching time Monday to Fridays.  For any contact about absences or late arrival, you can email Ibu Darwi, our school secretary, at sri.darwiati@greenschool.org or 0811 3809 298 as well as letting us know.

Upcoming week :

Thursday, the 15th of August, there will be a blessing ceremony called “Mapinton” near the Heart of School at the temple on campus. This Blessing is for welcoming the students, teachers, and staff to be part of the Green School community and for purifying all of us to start the new school year. Please pack a sarong and sash for your child if you have already purchased Balinese ceremonial clothes. If not, we have some extra ceremonial clothes in our class. The ceremony begins at 9.00 am and Families are welcome to attend.

Next Friday, August 16th : Green School will be celebrating Independence Day. If your child has any red and white clothes, please wear them on Friday. We will be playing some Indonesian games on Friday morning with all of the Early Years children.

Thank you for your attention and support and have a great day!

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team


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