Welcome to Term 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Term 2. We hope you had a wonderful vacation with your family. It has been a great start to the new term and we are delighted to see everyone back in class as well as to meet two new friends, Julian and Vincent, who joined our class this week.

Welcome Julian

Welcome  Vincent

The Starlings started off the week with a refreshing nature walk and visited many of the gardens around campus. Rumi and his Mom, Ibu Jane, told us about a special mushroom that they discovered on the way to our classroom so we went on a search for the mushroom. Here it is!

Our new thematic unit is entitled, “Once Upon a Time” and it has a focus on language development, including emergent writing, emergent reading, listening, speaking and understanding. On Monday, we made a book for our classroom library about our vacations. Each student created a page of the book and drew about something that they did over the mid-semester holiday. They dictated their story to the teachers and then presented their story in front of the class. We also started a project which will span over the next few weeks. The children are creating their own book based on their life. We started the story with when they were babies and have been working on adding new illustrations and text to the pages.

Making our own books

Footprints for our books

Using collage to introduce letters

In Mathematics, the Starlings are continuing to practise counting. In Term 1, our magic number when all of the Starlings were in attendance, was 16. This term, our new magic number is 18 and each morning, during Circle Time, the children count how many children are here today and also how many children are missing. In a creative project that focused on Mathematics, the students were asked to create family trains and each car of the train represented one of their family members.

In Cooking Class, the Starlings worked collaboratively to make a delicious pumpkin soup. Since we are getting ready to celebrate Halloween, we thought pumpkin soup would help us feel more festive. The students chopped pumpkin, potatoes, onion and green onion. We strengthened our fine motor skills even more by ripping parsley and celery into small pieces. Ibu Komang sauteed all of the ingredients in coconut oil, then added water, salt and pepper. The final step was to blend all of the ingredients and to enjoy the tasty smooth soup. Yummy!

We will be celebrating Halloween at Green School on Monday, October 30, since school will be closed on Halloween(Oct. 31) as well as on Nov. 1  for the Balinese holiday of Galungan. In Early Years, we will be celebrating by trick-or-treating, beginning around 9:00 am. We are looking for families to either bring a healthy treat to share or to host an exciting and fun station. If you are able to bring a snack, please ensure that the snack is gluten-free, almond-free and vegan as we have students with special dietary needs. We currently have 55 students in our Early Years program. Last year, many parents helped out and it was one of the best days of the school year. Everyone dressed in costumes and the parents set up different stations to make a circuit: one in each classroom, several outside, next to the Crystal, etc. Please let us know along with your Classroom Ambassadors if you plan to be there and are interested in participating. Please remember to dress your child in costume for Halloween if they want to. Otherwise, even something different like a pair of sunglasses will be fun to liven up the day.

On another note, each school year, we present two Indonesian Assemblies for the Early Years families. The first one is scheduled for November 15 at 9:00 am and will take place in front of the pirate ship outside of the Kindy A classroom. Geckos and Starlings will perform together, followed by each Kindergarten class. It will be a wonderful showcase of Indonesian culture and we look forward to performing for all of you.

Thank you very much for your attention and support. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. We are looking for a Mystery Guest for next week, preferably on Thursday or Friday at 9:00 am. Let me know if you can come for a visit and read a story or lead an activity. Take care and have a fantastic weekend.

We found cucumbers

Warm regards,

Ibu Russlee, Ibu Krisna and Ibu Komang

Making stories with our Teman-Teman from Grade 5B


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