Welcome to Term 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Term 2, and we hope you had a restful and enjoyable mid-semester vacation. Today was a full day of exciting Halloween festivities at Green School. The Early Years Learning Neighborhood thoroughly enjoyed the morning by visiting various trick-or-treat stations inside and around our classrooms. We are in awe of the dedicated parents who spent hours preparing for this event. All of the teachers and students are incredibly grateful, and those of you who could join us this morning, we hope you also had a spectacular time. The Starlings all came dressed in creative costumes and loved participating in the special Halloween games as well as eating lots of homemade delicious snacks. Students prepared for Halloween all week by listening to stories related to Halloween, singing a Halloween song as well as creating art projects, such as witches and jack-o-lanterns. Happy Halloween everyone! Thank you to all of the parents for your help and especially to the Early Years Classroom Ambassadors for organizing this for us.

Although today was filled with happiness and excitement, it was also bittersweet as it was Ibu Yuadi’s last day at Green School. She is one of our beloved Classroom Assistants, and we will miss her very much. Besides teaching, Ibu Yuadi is also passionate about designing clothes. The students drew their own clothing designs, one male and one female, and presented them to Ibu Yuadi this afternoon for her farewell present. She was moved to tears by their colorful drawings and heartfelt messages. We will keep Ibu Yuadi in our love hearts.

In Bahasa Indonesia Class, the children have begun practising for the bi-annual Early Years Indonesian Assembly. It will take place on November 23, and we will provide more details about this later. Ibu Ria used the classic children’s game of hopscotch to integrate numeracy and Indonesian language along with music. It was a great class!

We began a new thematic unit entitled “Once Upon a Time”. This theme will focus on literacy by developing the student’s emergent reading and writing skills. One example of a thematic project from the week is a collaborative book named “Our Vacation”. Each student drew pictures depicting some events that took place during their recent holiday. We decided to go for a nature walk and to draw our illustrations on the bridge overlooking the river.

Yesterday we were visited by Reena Balding who is in this year’s Ubud Reader and Writer’s Festival. She is launching her album of children’s music entitled “Ayo! Let’s Go!” which includes songs in both English and Indonesian. Ibu Reena showed us how to match the actions to the lyrics as well as how to incorporate some yoga poses. If anyone is interested in her CD, it is currently available for purchase in the Green School Shop.

The Starlings received yellow bracelets today from the SHIFT movement which is being launched at Green School to remind us of our commitment. Our Early Years community is focusing on “Kind Words” and our children wanted to share some kind words with their parents. They created love hearts with special messages for you.

Thank you for your attention and support. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday.

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team


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