Welcome to term 3 Anjing Kintamani!

Happy New Year everyone in our Anjing Kintamani family!

We hope you have all had some great adventures and a lot of fun over the mid year break. We can’t wait to see you as you return to hear all about what you got up to.

School starts tomorrow and so we wanted to remind you all to pack a waterproof or umbrella to go along with your hat, water bottle, change of clothes as rainy season is still very much part of our days at the moment. Make sure you  are wearing insect repellent and sun cream too and if you would like to reapply during the day add these to your bags as well and let us know as always.

We want to extend a huge Anjing Kintamani welcome to our new classmates Nandha and Mats who are joining us this term.

See you soon,

Ibu Jo, Ibu Pipit and Ibu Pegi

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