Welcome to Term 3 in 4B!

Dear 4B Family and Friends,

Selamat Tahun Baru and a very warm welcome to Term 3!

We hope you all had an amazing, recuperative and enjoyable break. It has been lovely being back at school over the last week and hearing the class’ stories of their many adventures. It is a wonderful reminder of just how lucky we are.

As we begin this new semester together, we’re excited to announce that our 4B family is growing. This week, we’d like to extend a hearty selamat datang to Jackson and his whole family. We hope you’ll quickly feel at home in our Green School community, it’s lovely to have you with us.

To begin the new term together, we thought we’d share a few pics of our recent adventures in Green Studies. Earlier this week, 4B, under the supervision of Pak Joubert and Pak Wayan Bono, were invited to assist in the planting of one of the school rice fields in the area near the lower bridge. As a Balinese staple, and part of our daily menu, we’ll be taking a closer look at the life-cycle of rice over the coming weeks and watching with interest as the produce of our hard work begins to flourish.

Here’s the team in action … (photos courtesy of Pak Widi)

In Thematic Studies, we’ve also taken the first steps in our new unit of work entitled ‘Bali is my Life’. With Ibu Ayu’s expertise, 4B have begun to take a closer look at the geographical and societal qualities that make Bali so unique and interesting. We’ll be updating our class website with more information soon so that you can share in the learning.

Based on the students’ semester one reflections and goal setting, we’ve also introduced a new weekly mini-thematic study in 4B this term called ‘Our Amazing World’, in which we’ll be exploring people, events and inventions that have shaped our modern world (for a taste of our learning so far, visit the new page on our class website BambooLearners.com here > http://www.bamboolearners.com/january.html ). We’re looking forward to having a little fun putting our creative and critical thinking skills to the test, diving into our own mini-makers’ space activities and building our general knowledge at the same time. This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ unit, where the focus activities and path will be determined by the students themselves. We’re looking forward to seeing where our curiosity takes us.

In other news this term, our literacy focus shifts to factual reporting and persuasive language skills, the elements of effective debating; while we’ll be targeting expressive oral reading and writers’ craft in our reading group activities. Our spelling program is back under way (you’ll find the students’ personal study words at the back of their new learning journals, which the students are free to take home at any time); and in numeracy we’re beginning the term by looking at multiplication. Ever wondered how different human cultures have solved the problem of multiplication throughout time? Ask one of our expert 4B students. We’ve already learned how they multiplied in Ancient Egypt (challenge the kids to put their skills to the test), and coming up soon we’ll be visiting Ethiopia, diving back to medieval times, and taking a closer look at the most common modern algorithm form. If you’re looking to support at home, it’s a great time to be practising multiplication facts. We’ll add a few games and ideas to BambooLearners as we go along if the kids would like a little extra time to perfect their skills.

In updates from the specialist fields, Ibu Penelope has been working with the 4B students preparing a simple performance art piece for next Tuesday’s Primary Assembly, January 30th – 8:20am. Families are warmly invited to attend and support loved ones. Be great to see you if you can make it.

In terms of other specialist lessons for this term, please find below a brief outline of our class timetable for your records:

Monday – Library: Students should aim to have their books at school ready to return and borrow anew.

Tuesday – PE: A hat, shoes and water bottle are required to participate.

Wednesday – BSSA Sport: Participating students will require the necessary equipment depending on the sport choice. Music Extension: Students not participating in BSSA sport will be working with Ibu Jan mastering the marimba this semester in the hour after lunch (an hour earlier than last semester’s bambajam lessons). Green Studies is also timetabled for Wednesday, a hat and shoes are recommended.

Thursday – Sport: A hat, shoes and water bottle are required to participate.

Friday – Green Studies: A hat and shoes are recommended.

In other announcements …

Assemblies – A message from the Ibu Leslie

Dear Green School Community,As I mentioned in my last Newsletter article, we will have assemblies every other week this term.  The next upcoming assemblies are: Jan 26th,  Feb 9th, and Feb 23rd.  Keep your eye on the newsletter for more updates on these as well.  We are happy to consider context for the assemblies from our community.  So please feel free to email assembly@greenschool.org with your ideas. However, on the days that we don’t have assembly, we encourage parents to come and hang out and get to know each other in the warung area.  We will pump some tunes out of the Sangkep and enjoy each other’s company.Hope you are staying dry.  Hugs,Leslie

Book Fair – next week

Dear Green School Families,

The Annual Book Fair is back! You made last year’s book fair such a success, this year we will be increasing the collection and the duration of the fair. Once again, the book fair needs your help to make it a success.

This year’s fair will be open from January 29th through to February 2nd from 9am – 4pm on the 2nd floor of the HoS, near the library. Purchases can be made in cash only, so students and families are encouraged to come prepared. In gratitude, all students, parents and staff receive a 10% discount for purchases made on the 1st and 2nd days of the fair. Bargain books are also available at low prices.

By shopping at our school Book Fair you will not only be giving your students access to great new books to read wherever they go, but you will also be helping the school raise money to buy more books for the school library. 

Thank you for your kind attention. See you at the Green School Book Fair! Best regards, The GS Library Committee Ayu Novita, Rahayu, Dina, Ayu Rosita

Please note: 4B is scheduled to visit the fair on Monday and Tuesday to take advantage of the discount available. If you would like your child to be able to make a purchase, please ensure they bring cash to school on these days, stored securely in their bags.

Again, welcome back to what’s going to be a great semester. We’re all excited and ready to go.

Kind regards,

Team 4B


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