Welcome to Term 4 Starling!

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a restful break and enjoyed time with your families. It was a wonderful break for all of us as well. As we begin this new semester together, we’re excited to announce that our Starling family is growing. We are delighted to have Koa join our class this week as well as a returning student who came back from Australia ‘Mosey’ – it’s lovely to have you with us!

On our first day back at school, we visited Ibu Marvelina’s Drama class and continued her “Kancil” (Mouse deer) story and she challenged the Starlings to acting as a Kancil and some other animals from the jungle. It was fun to see all the children takes turn to explore their imagination and act out their chosen characters.

We have now started a six week exploration of a new thematic entitled “A to Z Adventure”.  Each day, we introduce a new letter, both the uppercase and lowercase, through oral stories and drawings, as we want letters to feel magical and fun, we have chosen this gentle approach to phonics and letter recognition in our class. The students have been enthusiastic to find different words that start with the letter sounds and have listened to the stories fully engaged.   This week, we focused on Aa and Bb.

Perhaps your child can share some stories with you about these letter sounds. We started our Alphabet journals and have practised drawing objects that have those initial sounds as well as forming the letters.  It’s been a lot of fun!

Pak Brett and Pak Dan came to our class with their new friend, ‘Pak Ranjit’ during Music class and had fun playing some musical instruments as well as dancing around the circle.  Music time is always a lovely mix of singing, dancing and sharing our musical talents.

In Yoga Class, the children practised yoga poses using yoga cards.  Yoga cards were presented in front of the children and they rotated in a circle to practice each pose,  one by one. They also had the opportunity to show off their favourite yoga poses, such as Boat, Warrior 1, turtle and Shark.

We enjoyed playing Pacman Tag games during PW class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu. Pak Garrett chose two children to be the tagger or goose. A player can only move along the lines on the field and can not jump from line to line or off the lines. If someone is tagged, they did five star jumps and then continued the game again.  Our children were quite competitive and really enjoyed the game, even wanting to play it again once they got back to class.

The Starling’s made Easter Eggs using oval paper and really enjoyed decorating it with their own individual style using sparkles, ribbons, buttons, feathers and even pipe cleaners!

It’s so lovely to have you all back and please help us to welcome Koa and Mosey into our Starling family.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

The Starling Team

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