Welcome to week 1, term 3!

Dear Parents, and GS Families,

We have had a short but wonderful week back to school. We reintroduced ourselves, played team building games, and set our intentions and commitment to learning for the new year! Next week we will be launching our new thematic on construction/ deconstruction in which students will be taking apart some common everyday items and then tracing back the origin of their parts in order to learn more about the energy required to procure these products. Additionally, we will delve deeper into fractions during math as well as take on our new class novel The 13th Goldfish.

We would like to welcome new students Neve, and Ursina (arriving next week). They will surely add bright and positive energy to our growing classroom community. It’s always wonderful to see how eager our students are to invite new students to play, and join them for lunch.

Please note that for this term we have moved our art classes with Ibu Karen to Tuesday, and Yoga Nidra to Thursday. Additionally, we would like to remind all new and returning students to make sure and bring their hats, water bottles, and shoes to for sports, and PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope everyone has the chance to see our Green Soul Shine Concert with Michael Franti!


Pak Lance, Ibu Dee, and Ibu Devi

  1. Making Ooblek during our applied fractions measurement challenge

  1. Painting our classroom canvases

  1. Team building activities!

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