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Welcome to Week 3 Early Years

Dear Families and Friends,

Every day here is Earth Day.....you are probably familiar with this line from our Green School song. However, this week, we hope the whole world will be celebrating Earth Day (April 22) together. Green School has planned some special ways that you can join in, including a ceremony and a collaborative art project. Another holiday which is celebrated in Indonesia is happening tomorrow (April 21) - Kartini Day. Ibu Kartini was a pioneer who fought for women's rights and equality, especially in regards to education. Another celebration that is happening this week is on Friday when my baby boy is turning one year old! He is very proud of himself for learning how to stand and claps for his own efforts. It truly is a magnificent week and we are looking forward to virtually sharing it together.

Our website team is working hard to make the layout more user-friendly so hopefully this can become more useful as we navigate distance learning in the upcoming weeks. We will be adding an archive so that you can also find lessons from the past, rather than searching your inboxes. Our Specialist activities are now being shared every Monday morning so that you can access them at your leisure and allow your child more flexibility with designing their learning experience. We will continue posting our Early Years weekly activity menu for additional suggestions that your family can try together every Monday. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all of the time and energy you are spending to guide your children through this learning journey. On behalf of my entire Early Years team, we absolutely appreciate everything you are doing and love working together with you. Sending lots of love from Bali to you, wherever you are.

With love,


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