Well- BE- IN!

Dear Primary Parents,

It has been a pleasure to start getting to know your children, their voices, interests, hopes, and dreams. What amazing energy and creative souls they have! Thank you for your support and motivating words on this new journey together.

Two weeks ago we introduced ASK (being Appropriate, Safe and Kind). Some of the Grade 3 students from last year helped other grades by creating skits to represent ASK. It was great to see them so confident and empowered speaking about our Non-negotiables, which are now so obvious and natural for them. Thank you Emilia, Lucia, Emma, Alma, Sanel, Takumi and Alfie for mentoring others in the process.

Below you will find more information about ASK and some questions that might help you navigate challenging moments. Your children will hopefully know what you are talking about!

ASK reminds us of the importance of being Appropriate, Safe and Kind

We call them non-negotiables. They are our expectations, which we will not negotiate on. They follow our values and principles and define not only what you will and won’t accept from others, but also what you will and won’t accept from yourself. They are the promises we keep to ourselves and to our community to be able to learn together and share a common space.  

When any of us (adults and children) feel something is not under this framework we can remind each other by asking:

Is it APPROPRIATE? (follow our IRESPECT values / appropriate for the age, time and space?)

Is it SAFE? (for yourself, for others and the environment?)

Is it KIND? (to yourself and others?)

Also, we can simply remind ourselves: 

Is it ASK? 

In this way, adults and children can hold themselves accountable. We will keep adding to this concept during the year. 

Setting their class agreements together and understanding our school non-negotiables (ASK) is our first step towards building our common language and positive discipline culture. We will soon be inviting you to a workshop to experience communication strategies and different ways to create safe spaces for the children.

Through story, visualization, play, and our collective garden, we learned about UBUNTU last week. When they were asked what they thought it meant, they answered: “sharing”, “making others happy”, “when others thrive, I thrive”. Next week we will be creating flags with the YOU-nique nature we can offer to our community, and holding our Ubuntu Rite of Passage.

In these ways, we are slowly weaving important concepts, values, and experiences into our 1st block Thematic “We are one”. Adding up to our Wellbeing Program to create a culture that supports positive education and grows our social-emotional skills.

Ideas and comments are always welcome to adapt and nurture the process. Thanks again for your valuable support and input.

Looking forward to an adventurous year of learning together!


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