What a FUN week in Grade 2A!

Dear Parents,

Next week, Balinese will celebrate Galungan which is three days to celebrate the victory of dharma (goodness) against adharma (bad things). In Thematic, we focused on how Balinese celebrate it and the history behind this big celebration. We told a story about Mayadenawa, a legend behind why Balinese celebrate Galungan, made kolong-kolong, one part of penjor. Penjor is a bamboo decoration which Balinese put in the right side of their gate during Galungan and it is for showing gratefulness to Gods (you can ask more about what penjor represent to your child). In addition to that, the children also explored about what Balinese put in the offerings and cooked one of the crackers. They got experienced about how to be mindful as Balinese when they prepared all stuffs before they place it in the offerings since the big ideas behind making offering is practicing mindfulness.

We made kolong-kolong as part of the penjor.

Interestingly, in our How does it Work? thematic, we had some documentation about our fun, excited experiment with egg, vinegar, yeast and sugar.

Yeast, sugar, baloon and warm water experiment!

Literacy this week, the children worked in four stations:

-Guided reading where we read book based on their level and used some strategies to improve their reading like flip the sounds, chunking letters and sounds for big, difficult words, fluency and put fingers to the answer of some questions related to the story to check their comprehension.

-Creative writing station is a spot for them to create sentences using emoji and used their imagination to make silly, creative sentences and in the end of the week they will read it to the class.

-Phonics station where they enhance their phonics skill to spell tricky words based on their level.

-Silence reading where they quietly read books based on their level, every child has their own books.

Not only that, in Literacy we also dedicated an hour per week to work on writing where the children is given a topic and they use all literacy time to write!

Reading with partner

Maths, we still worked on regrouping, addition with carrying up to hundreds. We had some warm up games to start to help their brain to work faster in Math like Four Corners, subtraction game using cards and dices and Math games from computer.



In Bahasa, we learned about things around school like field, garden, tools in class. We always start the lesson with games like splat, hot chair, hang man and running dictation to give them some excitement before learning new language. We also learned about animals from Java and local school in Indonesian Studies.Next week, we will have them to practice speaking in Bahasa and explored food from Java.


JAJA MATAHARI/ Balinese cracker! YUM!

Taku’s farewell, sayonara Taku! He is moving to Japan.


MONDAY DRESS UP DAY,  all Green School students and staff are invited to come in costume on Monday October 30th (date change from Friday November 3rd). There will be a whole school assembly at 14:30, where costumes can be seen and celebrated. Children can dress-up in any way they wish, or not at all if they prefer not to. Please help your children follow our Primary School costume guidelines: No weaponry of any description – no fake swords, sticks, guns, etc. No gore – let’s not scare our younger student-friends!

MONDAY + THURSDAY, PE AND SPORTS day, please kindly remind your child to bring hat, proper shoes and water bottle.

EVERYDAY: home reader’s book, hat, water bottle, please check your child card regularly


Best Regards,

Grade 2A Team

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