What a Week!

Also on Java, the trip to the Malang region of Southeast Java was about much more that surfing, although we began and ended each day catching ample, beautiful waves. As depicted in the photos, the high school trip can be best described with one word; connection. Throughout the week the students made meaningful and memorable connect

Suffice to say, the week was filled with opportunities for students to not only

An finally, way out east in Irian Jaya, a number of Green School students spent time teaching at a local school and exploring the rich ecosystems of the area. Here is an account from grade 9 student, Mikel Gutierrez; “The Raja Ampat trip really opened up a whole new world and culture to me. Coming from a western background and living in Bali, it was an eye opener to see how different cultures can differ from island to island in Indonesia. The kids in Sawinggrai village were amazing in their hospitality and caring. The way that they responded to our teaching and discus

We also saw some amazing wildlife. Once, when we were coming back from a snorkeling trip we saw a humpback whale. We decided to follow it a bit and found that there were three; two adults and one baby. We were with them for a good half hour and it was the first time that some of us had seen whales in the wild. On another day we saw dolphins that at one point swam within centimeters from the boat I was in. It was so cool to see such an amazing animal in such a beautiful place. A bit later on we saw three massive manta rays we first spotted when they were they were jumping and continued to see them in the water next to our boat.”

Look out world!


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