What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? Green School Growing Beyond Bali

Many of us are still asking ourselves this question well into our 30s, 40s, 50’s and even beyond. Sometimes it takes a while to find our passion and our pathway. And as we progress through life, we discover that learning, growing and finding our passion truly is a lifelong journey.

As Green School rapidly heads towards its 10 Year Anniversary, we realise just how far we have come on our journey. We have come to understand that there is something very special about our School. We truly hold a special place in the world of education. We are not perfect and continue to push and pull against the systems of education which often hold children back. Back from growing as a whole person and from equipping them with the skills and abilities they need for the world of today and tomorrow.

This understanding about our place in education is validated daily by the tremendous amount of attention our small school receives from people around the world. With our 10th birthday celebrations in the works, with enrolment demand continuing to build and with a constant flow of attention from educators, families and people passionate about changing education, we are searching for ways to take Green School beyond Bali.

Under the loving guidance and not-for-profit umbrella of Green School, we are searching for the best way to take Green School beyond our beautiful campus. To create opportunities for families and educators to experience Green School in other ways and in other places.

To move this forward, and to preserve the culture, contain the size and continue to nurture the unique magic of our School here in Bali, we are looking for people to help us shape ideas and processes for creating Green School experiences beyond our existing and much-loved Green School Bali.

Positions Available Include:

  1. Head of Philanthropy, Green School Foundation

  2. Catalyst, Green School Network

  3. Analyst & Researcher, Green School Network

We are hoping to fill these roles with people from within our own School community. We know there is so much talent within our parent body. I invite you to click on the links above to discover more and to find our how to apply.

Please keep reading the Weekly Newsletter as I share with you information and updates as we thoughtfully, confidently and respectfully move forward with taking Green School beyond Bali.

Love and Respect

Kate Druhan Chair, Green School Board of Management


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