What’s up with Leap Academy? – Reefs are Our Future Project

Communications Team sat down with Leap Academy students and talked about what these guys have been doing, especially with their Operation R.O.F (Reefs are Our Future). We talked with Chayton, Nar, and Bronson because these guys and other students have been working on this project for quite some time.

Check out the interview!

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your R.O.F project?

A: We want to learn about marine conservation and we want to build artificial reef and bio rock because we want to save the environment. The artificial reef & bio rock will be a place for corals to grow and home for the fishes. Artificial reef is cement-based manmade reef where corals can grow within 10 years, while bio rock is more advance reef with lights and electricity to accelerate corals grow, like 10 times faster.

Q: So, can you share with us what you have been working on for the last few weeks?

A: First, we learned about free diving at Amed so we can observe the corals condition below the surface. We are now certified free divers and able to free dive quiet deep, which is cool.

And we found out that building artificial reef & bio rock by ourselves is not easy. So we connect with North Bali Reef Conservation and learn how to make artificial reef. Recently, we made our own artificial reef and put them into the sea. Within 10 years, corals will grow around the artificial reef.

Q: Congratulations! Do you think you will be able to come back and see how’s your reef going after 10 years?

A: We want to! Hopefully we will be able to visit and see the corals after 10 years.

Q: What is your biggest challenge so far?

A: At the beginning we try to build our own artificial reef and bio rock. But then we cannot do it ourselves because we don’t have enough resources and the consistency to maintain them.

That’s our biggest challenge so far and we finally worked with North Bali Reef Conservation to learn about the artificial reef and bio rock.

Q: What is your next plan now?

A: We were talking with owners of an eco-resort at Gili Gede, South of Lombok Island, and they are building artificial reef and bio rock around their resort. We will observe the corals and the growth of the reefs because now we have some experiences about this matter. We will also help them on making bio rock and solar panel.

They are also going to create an eco-playground and we will help them too by observing and identifying problems. We will go to their place sometime in the future and they want to work with us for a long-term basis.

Q: Anything you want to add?

A: A shot out to Sam Henry, our free dive instructor, that gave us an amazing experience during the free diving. And to North Bali Reef Conservation for the knowledge and letting our hands dirty when making the artificial reef.

Our message to the community is you can always donate or help to save the sea from the small things like beach clean up. If you like snorkelling, coral watch is something you can do to help. Coral watch lets you list any corals that you see and compare the colour with the handbook. That will help the scientist a lot. Let us know if you are interested with the handbook!

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