What’s your 7-day SHIFT challenge in 2018?

A Challenge for Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students

Dear Parents, Teachers, Staff and Children,

We are getting closer and are about to start our 7-day SHIFT challenge at Green School.

Our themes this year are Nourish, Move & Pause.

Some examples of what you may choose could be


eat wholefoods

no alcohol

juice cleanse

no sugar

meat free

more water

vegan challenge


30 minutes cardio

yoga daily

master a sport/activity

run/ride to school

decrease sitting time

dance all week

hula hoop challenge


daily meditation

journal each day

complaint free

kind words

less technology

What will you do? Do your children know what they will do?

Below are some things to prepare you for your challenge.

Join our  Shift Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/shiftgreenschool/

Look at your calendar and block out time for your 7 day challenge – we start Monday 12th November together

Find us at assembly, let us know what you will commit to and collect your wristband.   .

Talk to your kids and help them choose what they will do for their 7 days. The SHIFT kids will come to their assemblies next week to ask them what they will commit too and give out wristbands

Place  your challenge  and your kids on the fridge to remind you what your focus will be on – attached file.

Have a huge pile of fun over your challenge.

Enjoy, ShiFT and Have fun

Lets make small shifts and move towards health and wellness together

Love Carli and the middle school Jalan Jalan SHIFT TEAM


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