• Kris Laroche

Why aren't teachers "teaching" on zoom?

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So, the question above: Why aren't teachers "teaching" during zoom calls with students?

Part of what makes Green School different is that we take an evolved view of what education is, based on evidence and potential, and this is reflected in all of our practices. If you were to do a little journaling, how might you answer this question: What is teaching?

For the majority of us, our experience of teaching probably centers on delivering content or knowledge. While there is certainly a place for this, it cannot stand alone in a holistic and progressive educational model. We are currently living the consequences of a one dimensional educational system (intellect only).

Our REAL learning principles start with R-relationship. This comes first. Our zoom calls are about connection, conversation, sharing, laughter, questions and answers, show and tell. They are about creating spaces for deeper relatedness. We want our zoom calls to build community and to nurture the ecosystem of our younger human beings.

I am not alone.

I am cared for.

I am part of something.

I matter.

This is the soil the nurtures learning. Connection before content. Being before doing.

Holding you all with much love,



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