Wondering about our ASAs during TERM 3?

We are happy to share our Term 3 ASA SCHEDULE for your reference to plan after school activities.

ASA Taekwondo, Judo, Archery & Mepantigan Bali

We will have a new exciting activity with Pak Putu Witsen and Mepantigan Bali Team. It’s a combination of traditional Balinese martial arts, such as; Mepantigan and Judo Bali with traditional Brazilian dance fighting , such as; capoeira and traditional Korean self-defence, Taekwondo with Balinese Combat Archery. 

Through this activity, participants will gain physical fitness, release stress, and learn valuable lessons in camaraderie and sportsmanship. In addition to physical skills, strength, and agility, both emotional and spiritual intelligences are utilised.

More ASAs Schedule for TERM 3 can be found HERE

Call for Adults to Join ASA “Greener Surf Festival”

Calling to our community (Adults/ Parents) to join ASA “Greener Surf Festival – Shaping a more sustainable future” with Pak Francis. You’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your skills in shaping boards from balsa, lemongrass, and recovered materials. To register, please contact our lovely Ibu Darwi at sri.darwiati@greenschool.org


Don’t miss your opportunity to explore our amazing offer this term! We are so excited to open registration for our TERM 3.

Be part of our ASAs next TERM and learn new skills to improve self-confidence by finding programs that will support your needs and interests. You can sign-up and register by filling our sign-up form at below link:

FREE OF CHARGE ASAs please click HERE  & ASAs with CHARGE please click HERE

Develop your skills & Have FUN!

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