Wrapping up Jungle Run, Some Great Letters, and Bar Sharks

Yowser… so going on at Green School it boggles the mind. Here is my slice of the dynamic school:

Bali Sharks: 

We saved three sharks from Rooftop Bar at Double 6 in Seminyak. As a class, we signed a letter and helped to devise a strategy. Hopefully our Bar sharks will be looking at something other than late night bathroom runs.


Jungle Run:

So amazing to be a part of this. The kids overcame all sorts of obstacles, and the things they learned were not even on my radar initially…teamwork, leadership, and collaboration all got some good exercise in this PE elective.

Earth Day Letters:

So much fun to make with a small group, and we were SO efficient! The product of one class was pretty beautiful!


After School Graphic Design: 

Seeing Grade 5’s do head swaps with Animals in GIMP, a photoshop alternative, was pretty spectacular. They really did a good job all things considered! I have two kids in this after school class, and love how engaged and excited they are for applying their creative talents.


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