Wrapping Up the Year in 3B

Dear all parents

As we are getting closer the end of the academic year of 2017/2018, grade 3B have been filling their days with so many activities to sum up their learning this year.

During Thematic, they were doing cooking activities which they need to count the expense of the ingredients, make the food and at the end, they use their Math skill to calculate/ decide how much they need to sell (we created a situation that we made the food for sell) the food made in order to get some profit. This was so much fun activities as the students were involving totally with all the process.

A lined with that activity, yesterday the students were practicing their estimation skill to guess the prices of some items found/displayed in the class in Indonesian Currency. They came up with different ideas of how to estimate the price of a product to get close to the real price. One of the is by comparing it to the item they know the prices really well, like Jaje Bali at warung or smoothie at the farm stand, and then observed closely to the different of material made of, how hard is it made and is that local or imported.

After they estimated the whole items we displayed, we revealed the real prices and they need to count the difference between their guesses with the real prices. They were really proud when they found some item with small differences.

In Math and Literacy, we are building a Marble run structure. This an on going project. The students need to work collaboratively to put down group ideas into a design and put them into structure. They need to estimate the height of the structure to get the speed they wanted with some obstacles in between the start and the finish line. This work is giving them the experiences of how to cope with different ideas, how to rebuild and to modify ideas, how to get inspire by other and come up with upgraded ideas, and the last and the most important is how to still have FUN in working on a challenging project.

In Bahasa and Budaya Indonesia, the students are doing some different words game to rooted all the vocabulary learnt this year, like making a word puzzle, word search, unscramble words, listening activities and words chain game.

During the Budaya class, I am reading a book entitle ” All About Indonesia” to review their knowledge about this country. We read different pages everyday and do an activity about it. We have shared the most popular children story and famous unique dances in Indonesia, Tari Topeng. With that, we are making a mask using balloons and covered in with paper masc he.

Upcoming events:

Friday, June 8th 2018. Please send your child in BLUE to honor World Ocean Day.

Next week is FOUR days week. School finishes on Thursday, June 14th at 11:00. End of the year Assembly starts at 10:30. 

We are really thankful for all your support and cooperation this past year. We are wishing everybody a great school year ahead in all over the world.

Best regards,

Grade 3B team


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