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Green School Warrior Writers

Do you write only when you have to?

If so, you may be surprised to learn that writing isn’t just a way of showing teachers what you know. Writing is also an amazing tool that can help you sort through your feelings, to explore answers to problems, and even invent new worlds within worlds.

Green School Warrior Writers have been meeting every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm during Block 2. Students, parents, staff, and faculty have joined to write using different prompts. We usually write for about 10-15 minutes on a prompt and then share our stories, poems, or journal style writing. The exercises are short to decrease our need to self-edit and critique while we are writing. It gives everyone a chance to write everything and open up creativity that is usually blocked from fear of spelling a word wrong or worrying about who will read our stories. It is a chance for everyone to develop clay that we can later mold and develop into pieces that we want to share with the world. All are welcome to join our group and we will always have writing utensils, journals, and inspiration for anyone who needs it.

Examples of Activities and Prompts we have used:

Who, what, where, when, why- all the writers present help pick a different part of the story and we all write about it. It’s great to see how different our stories turn out when we all start with the same 5 W’s.

Popcorn-  for this activity we all free write, with no shared prompt. While we are writing if there is a word that we like that we wrote down we shout it out and everyone must try and fit it into whatever they are writing.

10 Words Grab Bag-  for this activity everyone writes down the first ten words that come to their mind. Then they grab a style of writing from the bag- poetry, rap, tweet, love letter, graduation speech, fiction, 4-panel comic strip, short story, children’s fairy tale, etc. and then they have to incorporate all 10 of the words they wrote at the beginning into their piece.

Getting to know the Ukulele

We’ve been strumming away every week to get familiar with where we put our fingers and different sounds we can make and I am happy to say things are going well.  It has been a bit slow since we are all very new and getting our fingers in the right place takes time and practice. 

As always, the first sessions learning something new can be a bit tiresome and sometimes even painful (our fingers need regular practice to develop toughness).  It will take time but we are now starting to change between different chords and seeing these as the building blocks of songs we will be excited to play. 

By the end of the term, our goal is to be able to hold, strum and share a song with our friends together as a small ukulele group.

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