Wuhan Novel Coronavirus – Update #2

Dear Community,

We continue to monitor the situation, coordinate with other internationals schools on-island, and take advice from medical experts, including our own Dr. Alan, and as context for this update also refer you back to Update #1 dated Monday, 27 February located here.

As of today, there have been more than 7,700 officially reported cases and 100 fatalities in China, as well as evidence that the virus has been spread by person-to-person contact in countries outside of China. Advisors note that this virus is “novel” (i.e. new or not previously known) and therefore cannot predict the impact this potential pandemic may have. Therefore, we continue to be proactive, taking measures out of an abundance of caution and in alignment with how others schools on-island are approaching this issue.

To clarify our position regarding students who present with a fever, cold and/or flu symptoms, students who have a fever of 38 celsius/100.4 fahrenheit or above may not come to school. Students attending classes who develop a fever that exceeds this threshold over the course of the school day will be allowed to rest in the first aid station while waiting for their parents who will be requested to arrange for their pick-up. At this point in time, students who present with a cough, runny nose or other cold symptoms will not be sent home if they don’t have a fever exceeding the threshold, but will be asked to wear a simple surgical mask for the remainder of the day.

We continue to stress the importance of hand-washing, the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, cough etiquette and of each student bringing his or her own cup or water bottle to school each day so that cups and bottles are not shared.

We have also taken the decision that as of tomorrow (Friday) any community member (faculty, staff, student or parent) arriving back in Bali from China (including airport transit) should not come to campus until the 15th day following their return to Bali. The same standard will apply to visitors and tour guests. This measure has become standard practice at other international schools in Bali as well as Singapore, Australia and elsewhere.

Any student who returns to school after being sent home due to a fever, or any community member who has stayed away from campus following a trip to China, will be asked to go directly to the first aid station to have their temperature re-check by Nurse Reis before continuing to a classroom or elsewhere on campus.

We appreciate your understanding and support. Further updates will continue to be included in the Weekly Newsletter unless a need for more urgent communications arises, in which case, we may use direct email.


Green School Executive Committee

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