Wuhan Novel Coronavirus – Update #4

Dear Community,

As context for this fourth update, we refer you back to Update #1 dated Monday, 27 January located here; Wuhan Novel Coronavirus – Update #1 Update #2 dated Thursday, 30 January located here; and Update #3 dated 6 February located here.

Other than last week’s implementation of an additional protocol wherein we are providing bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizer at all three entrances to our campus (Millennium Bridge on the east side of the river; Visitor’s Entrance; and Main Entrance) and asking all community members to please sanitize their hands prior to entering campus, we continue to monitor the situation keeping in close contact with our medical advisors and there are no other changes to our protocols at this time.

A few community members have inquired as to what the next additions to our protocols would be if and when the situation warrants. Next steps would include some or all of the following: suspending the daily public tours; expanding the list of countries subject to the “15 days away from campus upon returning to Bali” quarantine; and/or implementation of mandatory infra-red temperature checks for all community members at all entrance gates.

We continue to stress the importance of hand-washing, the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, cough etiquette and of each student bringing his or her own cup or water bottle to school each day so that cups and bottles are not shared.

We shared the link below last week but will share it again here as we find it full of practical and helpful information.

“Advice for Public” – World Health Organization (WHO):


We appreciate your understanding and support. Further updates will continue to be included in the Weekly Newsletter unless a need for more urgent communications arises, in which case, we may use direct email.


Green School Executive Committee


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