Zero Mass Water – Solar Panel Water Filter System Installed at Green School

Goods news everyone! Thanks to our partners, Zero Mass Water, we now have an additional six solar hydro-panels installed on our campus. Unlike our other solar panels, these produce water instead of energy. How does it work? Quite simple in fact. Combining sunlight and air, water vapor is collected from the air, is mineralized, and delivered into a tap – ready to drink! Each panel can produce up to 5 liters of mineral water per day.

Zero Mass Water are on a mission to provide clean drinking water to parts of the world where it is hard to access, and giving those communities a sense of ownership to the water they drink. With the mission of sustainability and community in mind, Green School collaborates with Zero Mass Water in the hope that our students can learn from the application of their technology, and be inspired to provide even more creative-innovative solutions to provide clean-drinking water.

Still find it hard to believe that you can get mineral water just out of sunlight and air? Try it out yourself. The new system is installed near the Primary Science Lab at the Heart of School.

Got questions about the new system? Contact:

Marcel Vermaak –

Development Team –

Green School Development Team


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